How to open Steel fireproof door quickly and effectively in emergency?

Publish Time: 2024-04-24
Steel fireproof door is an important facility to ensure the safety of personnel in emergency situations, so it is crucial to open it quickly and effectively. Here are some suggestions on how to quickly open a Steel fireproof door in an emergency:
First of all, it is basic to understand how to open the Steel fireproof door. Typically, Steel fireproof doors push outward, not pull inward. This design helps to quickly evacuate people in an emergency and avoids congestion and delays caused by sliding doors.
Secondly, keeping the door clean and clear is key. In daily use, you should ensure that there are no obstacles on the fire door, such as furniture, equipment or other debris, to ensure that it can be pushed open quickly in an emergency. At the same time, regularly clean the dust and dirt on the door to keep its surface smooth, which will help reduce resistance when opening.
In an emergency, if the Steel fireproof door cannot be easily pushed open for some reason, consider using a backup tool. For example, you can use a hard plastic card or a professional lock-breaking tool to try to open the door lock. However, this method requires certain skills and experience, so it is recommended to conduct training and drills in peacetime so that you can operate skillfully in an emergency.
Additionally, staying calm and orderly is key to a successful evacuation in an emergency. In an emergency, people tend to feel panic and confusion, but this is not conducive to opening the Steel fireproof door quickly and effectively. Therefore, an evacuation plan should be developed in advance and drilled at ordinary times so that everyone understands how to stay calm in an emergency and follow established procedures.
Finally, regular maintenance and inspections are necessary to ensure that the Steel fireproof door can function properly in an emergency. This includes checking whether the door opens and closes smoothly, whether the door lock is intact, whether the sealing performance is good, etc. If problems are found, they should be repaired and replaced in time to ensure that the fire door can play its due role at critical moments.
To sum up, the quick and effective opening of Steel fireproof door in an emergency requires preparation and efforts in many aspects. By knowing how to open the door, keeping the door clean and unobstructed, preparing backup tools, staying calm and orderly, and conducting regular maintenance and inspections, you can ensure that fire doors can be opened quickly in an emergency and ensure the safe evacuation of personnel.

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