What is the difference between Steel fireproof door and ordinary steel door?

Publish Time: 2024-03-08
Steel fireproof doors are significantly different from ordinary steel doors in many aspects.
First of all, from the material point of view, Steel fireproof door uses galvanized steel plate as the main material, and the outer layer is also coated with an oxidation protective layer and an anti-UV coating. This special design makes it not only have excellent corrosion resistance, but also effectively Resists UV damage to maintain long-lasting appearance and performance. Although ordinary steel doors are also made of steel, they are usually not treated with such fine processing, so they may be slightly inferior in terms of corrosion resistance and durability.
Secondly, from a functional point of view, the main function of Steel fireproof door is fire protection. It is filled with fireproof and heat-insulating materials that are harmless to the human body and equipped with fireproof hardware accessories, which can prevent the spread of fire within a certain period of time and provide valuable time for personnel evacuation and fire-fighting rescue. Ordinary steel doors mainly focus on anti-theft and aesthetics, and do not have fire protection functions.
In addition, during the design and manufacturing process of Steel fireproof door, special requirements such as air tightness, sound insulation and intelligence are also taken into consideration. Keeping the door frame and the wall on the same plane is not only beautiful and elegant, but also can reduce air circulation and improve air tightness. At the same time, the sound insulation material filled inside can also effectively isolate noise and create a quiet and comfortable environment. Ordinary steel doors rarely consider these special functions.
Finally, from the perspective of safety performance, due to its special material and design, Steel fireproof door can maintain a certain degree of stability in the event of a fire and prevent further spread of the fire. Ordinary steel doors may be burned quickly in a fire and cannot prevent the fire.
To sum up, there are obvious differences between Steel fireproof doors and ordinary steel doors in terms of material, function, design and safety performance. Therefore, when selecting door products, you should choose according to the specific use environment and needs to ensure that they can meet the corresponding functional needs and safety requirements.

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